Foosball Game Strategy Tips and Tricks for Beginners

by Mike Jones

Playing foosball isn't as easy as it may seem, even when you know the basic rules of play. However, by incorporating some foosball game strategy tips and tricks, you will be able to add more wins to your list of games played. Being able to become a great foosball player does take a lot of skills, but you can become good by simply changing some aspects of your game style. Many people grab the rods and start kicking the ball in any direction possible until the ball hopefully goes into the right goal; using these foosball game strategy tips and tricks, you will be able to up your game and become a real threat for experienced foosball players.
Foosball Game Strategy Tips and Tricks for Beginners
Foosball Game Strategy Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Best Foosball Offensive Tips

When it comes to using offensive strategies on the foosball table, you must know that there are two general types of attacking; by getting the ball across the entire table in one kick or playing with lots of passes. To have more control over your game and your movements, you should always prioritize lots of passes rather than quickly getting to the other side.

Making lots of passes will allow you to control the ways that you move with more ease. However, taking too much time to think about your next move may play against you because your opponent will have more time to set up their defensive strategy. Act quickly and always think 2 moves ahead.

You can never shoot at the net too often. Shoot the ball at the goalie as much as possible in order to maximize your chances of getting a goal. Taking shots is great because you get a chance to score, but the ball will also bounce back, giving you a chance to capture it and try again.

Shooting at goal with the corner of your player's feet will cause your shots to go off at an angle. This will really increase your chances of scoring because it causes the defense to have to react rapidly.

Best Foosball Defensive Tips

Keeping your goalie and one defender in a position to block the goal is of utmost importance. This will prevent many angles as well as being able to block long shots. You should remain in this defensive position until you are in a deep offensive position.

When you notice that the other player is approaching your goal, try to always keep a defender in front of the ball in order to make it difficult for the other player to take a quality shot. Also make sure that your goalie is always facing the ball. Many people forget about the goalie and focus only on the defender that's blocking the ball; by using both the goalie as well as the defender, you'll be doubling your chances of blocking the ball successfully.

Keeping all of your defenders' feet on the ground will help you block as many shots as possible. One of the biggest mistakes that most new foosball players make is leaving some defenders with their feet in the air. By keeping the defenders feet down on the ground, it removes many shot opportunities for the opponent.

And the best way to work on your foosball game is to get a table at home so that you can practice. If you do not yet have a table at home, check out our reviews of the best value foosball tables for your home rec room.

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