Gaming Weekender was born out of a love of table games, but has expanded to cover other awesome gaming related content. From video games to backyard corn hole, we love all aspects of gaming and are here to share that love with you!

As a child of the 80’s, my fondest gaming memories are playing Pitfall, Frogger, Kaboom! and Chopper Command on our old Atari 8600. These days I’ve been rocking the Nintendo Classic and learning some new card and board games with the family. But enough about more, let’s talk more abut the site!

As most of our contributors are based out of North America, the games we cover tend to skew more towards that market. So, if you know of an awesome game that we’re not covering (likely cause we’ve never heard of it), then drop us a message to let us know all about. Or let us know if you’re the person who needs to write about it and share it with our audience!

Your editor-in-chief,

Mike Jones