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Top 5 Bubble Hockey Tables – What You Need to Know

Nothing provides you with the thrill of hockey in your own den or garage like a bubble hockey table. With these game tables, you can slap the puck without worrying about it flying around the room, and it’s easy to recreate the feel of a hockey game in miniature with the right bubble hockey table. Learn about the top five most popular bubble hockey tables on the market and check out real customer reviews to learn which product is right for you.

1. Carrom Super Stick Bubble Hockey Table

Carrom Super Stick Hockey - Red
  • Thermal-fused, red, wear resistant Melamine make up the sturdy cabinet
  • Scoring unit tracks periods and celebrates each goal; May be reset anytime; Automatically shuts down after end of third period; Requires (4) AA batteries (not included)
  • Sturdy and shatter-resistant plastic dome
  • Precision injection molded gears for long wear, internal slip clutch to prevent binding and shearing

The Carrom Super Stick Hockey Table serves as a four-legged alternative to this brand’s ultra-popular pedestal-style table. Available in black or red, the Carrom Super Stick Hockey Table features a high-profile, shatter-resistant dome, and while its players aren’t incredibly realistic, they get the job done. The gears in the Carrom Super Stick Hockey Table are injection-molded for long-term durability.

Product Details

• Adjustable legs for uneven surfaces
• Battery-operated scoring system that tracks periods and goals
• Made in the USA for increased reliability and durability
• Fiberglass rods for lightweight player motions
• Vinyl cabinet coverings for dent and wear resistance

The Bottom Line

The Carrom Super Stick Hockey Table certainly isn’t the most high-end option on this list. Its construction isn’t quite as sleek or durable as some of the other tables we’ve mentioned, and its player quality leaves some room for improvement. That said, the Carrom Super Stick Hockey Table is a solid entry-level option that will provide endless hours of fun for the whole family. The gearbox technology in this table is designed to last the test of time, and this hardware may end up outliving some of the other features of the Carrom Super Stick Hockey Table.

July 2020 Update

 As of this writing, the only table that seems to be available on Amazon is the #1 table. If you are searching for other options, your best bet is to search in other locations including Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay. We found a few NHL team themed bubble air hockey tables that look great, but are a little on the expensive side. 

2. CarromSignature Stick Hockey

Carrom 425.01 Signature Stick Hockey Table with Pedestal (Red)
  • Red stick hockey table with sleek, stable pedestal base
  • Custom-coated styrene surface supports faster passing and shooting
  • Shatter-resistant plastic dome; heavy-gauge cabinet materials
  • Battery-operated scoring unit celebrates goals with lights and sound
This table is offered by Carrom, which is one of the most trusted names in the game table industry. It features a bright red color scheme, and it has a sturdy pedestal-style support that won’t get in your way when you’re gaming. With lifelike players and a shatter-resistant dome, this CarromSignature Stick Hockey table will last the test of time. Keep in mind that some reviewers indicate that the quality of this table doesn’t live up to Carrom’s otherwise sterling reputation.

Product Details

• Frictionless styrene surface offers enhanced shooting and passing
• Also available in a blue color scheme
• Sounds and lights appear when you score a goal
• Scoring unit is battery-powered to free up potential locations for the table
• Realistic red and blue players with fully moveable sticks
• Comes with drink holders at all four corners
• One-year factory warranty and extended manufacturer warranty
• Dimensions: 45.25″ W x 51″ H x 33.75″ D
• Weight: 165 lbs

The Bottom Line

Since this table is made by Carrom, it’s guaranteed to be high-quality. Offering the option of either a blue or red color scheme is a nice touch, and the addition of drink holders merely adds to the fun. Best of all, customer reviews for the CarromSignature Stick Hockey indicate that it is high-quality and fun for kids and adults alike.

3. Shelti Breakout Bubble Hockey Table

Shelti Breakout Bubble Hockey Table
  • Arcade Style Dome Bubble Hockey
  • Ultra smooth chrome plated rods, precision-ground tubular rods with 0.120" wall thickness. Results in exceptional play performance with minimal friction wear
  • Steel rod supports in feet of med allows torque and pressure to be applied to the clutch
  • Side mounted electronic scoring. Utilizes infrared scoring for reliability and accuracy. Sounds goal scored. Keeps player sight lines clear.

Shelti is another big player in the game table industry, and this company’s Breakout Bubble Hockey Table doesn’t disappoint. With four solid wood legs and a low-profile dome, this table provides excellent stability and visibility. What’s more, both the rink and players equipped with the Shelti Breakout Bubble Hockey Table are highly realistic.

Product Details

• Chrome-plated, precision-ground rods
• 2:1 gearbox turning ratio allows 360-degree player movement with 180-degree handle turns
• Infrared scoring for increased accuracy
• Sounds and flashing lights activate when goals are scored
• Adjustable legs account for uneven environments

The Bottom Line

The Shelti Breakout Bubble Hockey Table is a serious contender for the title of best bubble hockey table. This company takes obvious pride in the quality of its products, and special features like adjustable legs and high-quality rod hardware take the Shelti Breakout Bubble Hockey Table the extra mile. Interestingly, though, this table is only available in blue, and the four-legged design of the Shelti Breakout Bubble Hockey Table may make it hard to move around this gaming table.

4. Blue Line Hockey Slapshot 52 in. Dome Hockey Table

Shelti Slapshot Bubble Hockey Table
  • Electronic scoring with sound option
  • 1 year warranty
  • Steel rod supports in feed of me allows torque and pressure to be applied to the clutch
  • Arcade Style Dome Bubble Hockey

The Blue Line Hockey Slapshot 52 in. Dome Hockey Table is also offered by Shelti, but it has a very different design. Instead of a low-profile dome, this bubble hockey table has a traditional high, curved dome, and it has a pedestal instead of four adjustable legs. Neither the players or the rink itself on the Blue Line Hockey Slapshot 52 in. Dome Hockey Table are quite as realistic as those offered with the Shelti Breakout Bubble Hockey Table.

Product Details

• High, curved dome for unimpeded visibility
• Pedestal base for easier movement around the table and increased stability
• Electronic goal system with lights, sounds, and infrared scoring
• Chrome-plated rods with 0.120″ clearance
• Nylon bushings ensure smooth rod operation
• 2:1 gearbox ratio makes it easy to move your players with minimal rod movement

The Bottom Line

The Blue Line Hockey Slapshot 52 in. Dome Hockey Table looks, sounds, and feels like a traditional bubble hockey table. While the players could be a bit more high-quality and durable, the overall look and feel of the Blue Line Hockey Slapshot 52 in. Dome Hockey Table is high-quality and worth of the Shelti name. With a basic gray color scheme, this bubble hockey table doesn’t give either team a morale advantage. Long-time bubble hockey enthusiasts may be attracted to the high-quality, solid metal rods that are included with the Blue Line Hockey Slapshot 52 in. Dome Hockey Table.

5. Stiga 37 in. NHL Stanley Cup Rod Hockey Table Top Game

NHL Stanley Cup Hockey Table Game (Detroit Red Wings / Toronto Maple Leafs)
  • High-quality table hockey game with official NHL team colors and logos
  • Expertly crafted 3D players outfitted in Maple Leaf and Red Wing uniforms
  • Easy-to-move control rods; behind-the-net plexi-shield protectors
  • Puck ejectors in each goal; goalies move from side to side

The Stiga 37 in. NHL Stanley Cup Rod Hockey Table Top Game is considerably different from any of the other games we’ve mentioned in this list. For starters, this hockey game isn’t technically a “game table.” Instead, it’s a tabletop game that you could even play on the floor if you wanted to. While the Stiga 37 in. NHL Stanley Cup Rod Hockey Table Top Game is lightweight, it doesn’t have a dome, and it isn’t as durable as some of the other options we’ve listed.

Product Details

• Nostalgic design that’s great for multigenerational play
• Customizable teams for increased realism
• Highly realistic player designs
• Goals contain easy-to-use puck ejectors
• Plexiglass barriers behind each goal protect players from flying pucks

The Bottom Line

The Stiga 37 in. NHL Stanley Cup Rod Hockey Table Top Game won’t provide the same feeling as a genuine bubble hockey table. At the same time, this tabletop game has been loved by multiple generations, and it’s still going strong. You’ll just need to rein things in a little bit to avoid losing your puck. Interestingly, the players in this tabletop game are more realistic than those offered with most bubble hockey tables. If you’re looking for a genuine bubble hockey table, just remember that the Stiga 37 in. NHL Stanley Cup Rod Hockey Table Top Game is a toy.

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