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Family Feud Board Game – Your Top 3 Options

Which game shows snagged the top five spots when “TV Guide” presented a list of the 60 greatest game shows of all time? If your answer was “Family Feud,” you would have a decent chance at taking control of the board. However, since this long-time favorite ranked third, you would have to worry that your opponent could snatch control by naming the first or second answer. Watching “Family Feud” is entertaining, so it is no wonder that fans of this family-friendly television game show are eager to join the fun with a Family Feud board game. Numerous games are available to make that possible, and here is our list of the top 3.

1. Platinum Family Feud Signature Game

Spin Master Platinum Family Feud Signature Game, brown/a
  • Do you have what it takes to win Platinum Family Feud? Survey says…yes!
  • Challenge your friends and family to the popular Family Feud game
  • For 2 or more players
  • Ages 8 and up

Can you name a really unpleasant way to wake someone up? Now, can you name the really unpleasant way to wake someone up that was the most popular answer among Americans who participated in the survey? That is the kind of trick that you’ll have to manage to win Cardinal’s Platinum Edition Family Feud board game. Gather your group, choose a host and divide into teams. The host is tasked with keeping the game moving by reading questions, deciding who was the quickest to signal, handing out strikes when necessary and revealing who gave the highest-rated answer. Players get to participate in three Face Off rounds and a bonus Fast Money round in their quest to accumulate points by being the best at coming up with what the survey said. Failure to offer an answer that is on the list results in a strike, and three strikes give the opposing team a chance to steal. When the four rounds are finished, points are tallied to determine the highest score and the winner.

The Platinum Edition Family Feud board game from Cardinal calls for two to four players ages 8 and up. However, play goes much more smoothly when you have at least three participants so that you have someone to handle the hosting duties. Also, the game easily accommodates larger teams, so there is no real need to limit the players to just four. It comes with instructions, six strike cards, 150 Face Off question cards, 50 Fast Money question cards, two Face Off pads and one Fast Money pad for hours of frantic fun and plenty of hilarity. Are you ready to add this Family Feud board game to your game night rotation?

2. Family Feud 6th Edition – Game Show Home Edition

Family Feud 6th Edition Competition - Game Show Home Edition
  • ENDLESS GAMES PRESENTS: Family Feud! From the Face-Off to the Fast Money Round, the survey says…FUN! Battle it out to see who reigns supreme! The Family Feud Game is sure to provide hours of family entertainment.
  • SURVEY SAYS: Give the most popular answers to win. Loads of the best questions from the TV game show such as,  "How much allowance should a 10-year-old get each week?"  "Name a major league football or baseball team named after an animal."
  • DETAILS: This exciting and hilarious game includes a scoreboard, play money, crayons, a strike indicator, "X" markers, a game sheet pad with all the survey questions and answers, and complete instructions. For 3 to 11 players.
  • POPULAR FOR PARTIES: Silly entertainment and laugh out loud fun challenges the whole family.  Great for birthdays, holiday parties, or  game night. For 3 or more players ages 10 years and older.

With the Classic “Family Feud” 6th Edition board game from Endless Games, your goal is to have the most points at the end of three games. How do you do it? You think fast to come up with popular answers to questions about everything from things that are embarrassing to doze off while doing to the food that should be named the national food of the United States. Each game consists of three Face Off rounds and one Fast Money round. During a Face Off round, players compete to name a more popular answer. Doing so gives their team a chance to take control and come up with all the answers on the survey. If their team comes up with all the answers, they get the points. However, if they miss even one, the other team has a chance to steal those points by naming one of the missing answers. If the opposing team fails to offer an answer that’s on the list, the first team keeps the points. After three Face Off rounds, both teams get a chance to play a fast money round. The team with the most points at the feud’s finale wins.

According to Endless Games, Classic “Family Feud” 6th Edition is intended for three or more players who are 10 years old or older. One of the players serves as the game’s emcee while the others are divided into two teams. The game includes a wipe-off scoreboard that has places to record Face Off and Fast Money rounds, strikes, and total scores. Players also receive a wipe-off marker, two Face Off button cards and an instruction booklet that contains both the rules of the game and questions for 45 rounds. With so many questions and countless possible answers, the fun is sure to be endless.

3. Cardinal Family Feud Parents Vs Kids Edition Game

Cardinal Family Feud Parents Vs Kids Edition Game
  • 150 Face Off cards and 50 Fast Money cards
  • The great family equalizer
  • With survey questions like "Name something magicians escape from" and "Name something that gives you problems on a golf course"
  • Exciting trivia fun for 3 or more players, ages 8 and up

When exuberance battles experience, who will win? Find out by playing Cardinal’s “Family Feud”- Kids Versus Parents board game. Here, the generations fight it out in a battle of the wits as teams of kids and adults take turns completing two Face Off rounds before each participating in one Fast Money round. There is no need for an emcee, so everyone can join in the fun. Parents ask the survey questions of the kids, and the kids return the favor during the parents’ rounds. While the highest score wins, everyone is sure to have fun. The game is a blast for the whole family and a great way to get everyone involved on your next game night.

Cardinal says that the Kids Versus Parents Family Feud board game is designed for two to four players who are ages 8 and up, but the format is fairly flexible. You could certainly play with a larger group if you wanted to do so. Opening the box will reveal 75 Kids Face Off cards, 75 Adults Face Off cards, 25 Kids Fast Money cards, 25 Adults Fast Money cards, six strike cards, two Face Off scoresheet pads, a Fast Money scoresheet pad and instructions for the game. Are you ready to pit the kids against the adults? Purchase Cardinal’s “Family Feud”- Kids Versus Parents board game on Amazon for $19.

When it comes to feuding families, the Hatfields and the McCoys might be among the most famous, but it is easy to argue that they did it wrong. After all, unpredictable survey questions, fast quips and friendly competition deliver a lot more fun. Do you enjoy playing “Family Feud” at home but find simply raising your hand to signal your readiness to answer unsatisfying? For more of a thrill, get all the sounds from the television game show by downloading the “Family Feud” Buzzer app. It is available for both smartphones and tablets and the perfect addition to any Family Feud board game. Which board game will be the latest addition to your collection?

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