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Bring The Arcade Home With Your Own Skee Ball Machine

When I was a kid, my favorite thing to do was convince my parents to take me to Chuck E. Cheese’s so that I could play skee-ball. I loved playing that game – heck, I still do! That’s why I was super excited when I realized that I could actually buy my very own home skee-ball machine for the basement game room.

Sounds pretty awesome, huh? That’s cause it is! As an adult, I’ve been getting my skee-ball gaming on whenever I’m in a city that has a Dave and Buster’s. But now, I can play whenever I want. If that sounds as awesome to you as it does to me, then let me help you relive those childhood memories by telling you how to get your very own skee-ball machine for home use. Below you’ll see some of my recommended models as well as some tips on shopping for one of these.

Best Skee Ball Machines for the Money

To help make your decision just a little easier, our editors have taken the time to share some of their thoughts on the top skee-ball machines on the market. Check out their reviews below.

1. Hathaway Boardwalk 8-ft Skee Ball Table

 Hathaway Boardwalk 8-ft Arcade Ball Table

Looking for a skee-ball machine under $1000 that has a vintage skee ball machine look? If so, we highly recommend this model from Boardwalk. Keep reading our Hathaway Boardwalk 8-ft Arcade Ball Table Review to see what our editors like about this model.

As you can see in the image, it has a more old school look to it than the model reviewed up above. And this retro skee ball machine has a cheaper price than a lot of models on the market.

One positive feature of this model is that it weighs a LOT less than the model listed above. Since it is made out of MDF, the weight for this one comes in at just over 100 pounds!

You’ll find that this one is a good option for younger kids since the balls are semi-soft instead of the traditional hard balls.

It’s also important to note that this machine is not as long as the model reviewed above. In fact, it measures in at just over 8-feet in length!

2. BARRINGTON 10 Foot Roll and Score Game Set

BARRINGTON Roll and Score Game Set

If you’re looking for an elegant skee ball machine for your home that won’t break the bank, then check out this model. Keep reading for our Barrington Billiards Coventry Collection 10 Ft Roll and Score Skee ball Game review to see what our editors think about this one.

Like the MD Sports model above, we’re crazy for the design of this modern looking wooden skeeball table from Barring Billiards.

And we love that it is priced so affordably. In fact, if you’re shopping for a skeeball table in the under $800 – $1000 price range, then we think that this should be the first table that you consider adding to your home game room.

Don’t let the classy look of this game scare you away – you can still have hours of fun on it. This table has a LED lights and an oak finish and rust-resistant metal legs to enhance any game room or basement. Built-in ball return, electronic scoring, and arcade sound effects will keep your family entertained for hours!

It does weigh in at around 200 pounds, so make sure that you have some friends around to help you move this thing once it arrives at your home.

3. Hall of Games 9ft Roll and Score

Hall of Games 9ft Roll and Score

The Hall of Games Roll and Score Skee Ball machine is an awesome addition to any game room, man cave, or other gaming space. With LED lights built in, ABS scoring rings, and an automatic ball return, this skee ball machine will keep you and your family preoccupied with gaming fun for hours.

The Hall of Games Roll and Score features one solid piece of equipment with ½’’ playing surface. Black PVC laminate and print graphics add to its visual appeal. With its vibrant LED lighting, engaging arcade sound effects, and push button controls with featured easy access, this skee ball machine brings the experience of a real arcade right to your home.

Clear, acrylic cover is also featured to prevent the ball from escaping. To ensure durability and long-term use, the ABS scoring rings are built to last. The table legs are built sturdily, featuring cross panel support for reinforcement. Four balls are included with the machine and with dimensions of 107 inches in length, 24.5 inches in width, and 75 inches in height, the Hall of Games Roll and Score will easily fit in most game rooms.

4. Fat Brain Toys Arcade Alley Ball

Fat Brain Toys Arcade Alley Ball

The Fat Brain Toys Arcade Alley Ball tabletop game is the perfect way to keep your children entertained for hours. Appropriate for kids ages 6 and up, with easy gameplay, a bright, colorful display, and easy assembly, this fun tabletop game will have your little ones begging to play again.

The Fat Brain Toys Arcade Alley Ball tabletop game allows children to sharpen spatial reasoning and improve hand-eye coordination, as well as concentration, all while enjoying the fun of a game. Children can play alone or in two-player mode. There are eight balls featured for loading the game’s shooter. This tabletop version of the alley ball arcade game features an electronic scoreboard for easy score keeping and features a 3-foot-long track.

The product is 17.1 inches in length, 3.55 inches in width, and 13.3 inches in height. Batteries (3AAA) are required. Weighing only 2.8 pounds, the Fat Brain Toys Arcade All Ball tabletop game can be easily transported by your children.

Fat Brain Toys also confidently promises to create each of their toys with safety and quality at the forefront. Their toys have appeared on NBC’s Today Show and ABC’s Good Morning America.

EDITOR’S NOTE: These skee ball machines frequently go out of stock on Amazon and other similar machines will then be in stock. We do our best to keep this article updated with the latest products in stock. There around 10 different machines that rotate their stock quantity. This post was last updated September 2020.

Things To Consider Before Buying

So, I’ve got you interested in adding one of these awesome skee ball machines to your family game room. Now, let’s make sure that you get the perfect machine for the job by answering some of the questions below.

Who Is It For?

Are you a cool adult like me who is just buying one of these for yourself? Or do you have kids at home who will also be playing the game? If so, are these teenagers or younger kids? The reason that this is important is that you want to be sure that you choose something that is kid-friendly. Or, maybe you’re buying one of these just for the kiddos – if that’s the case, then you probably don’t want to spend a fortune on one that teens and adults can enjoy.

Knowing who you’re shopping for first will help you pick the perfect skee ball machine.

How Much Space Do You Have?

If you live in a small apartment, condo or townhouse, then I have some bad news for you – one of these is probably not gonna fit in your home. In case you haven’t played one of these in a while, they are really long and take up a lot of space. You need a good sized family game room, a basement or a garage where you can put it. One average these things are close to 9-feet long and around 5-feet high in the back.

What’s Your Budget?

If you’ve ever looked into buying an arcade cabinet, then you know what I’m about to say. Skee-ball machines for home use are not cheap. There are a couple of models that I’ve seen available under $1000 brand new, but the really nice machines will run you a few thousand dollars.

Should You Buy A Used Skee-Ball Machine?

Since the really nice models can be very expensive, you may want to consider buying yourself a used machine. You can look on your local Craigslist or eBay to find one. However, before you take this route keep in mind that you may need to call on an electrician or arcade repair person to give it some TLC, and that cost can also add up. So, we really do advise you to go with a brand new model when possible. But, if your budget can’t afford it, then we suggest eBay as the place to start for second-hand skee ball machines.

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