Top 10 Best Adult Card Games for Parties, Fun, and Drinking!

by Mike Jones

Best Adult Card Games

Best Adult Card Games
Best Adult Card Games

When you need to break the ice, elevate the vibe or get to know someone new, adult card games are the way to go. Today's games encourage open communication and active engagement along with hours of laughter or stimulating thought. You need nothing but a deck of specialty cards to get the fun started, and most games cost less than $40 with sale prices offered online regularly.

When you find adult card games that your friends, family or professional circles enjoy, look for expansion packs. These boxed card games provide additional cards to add variety and spice to the game. You may also want to look for adult drinking card games or party card games if you want to give everyone a reason to tip their glasses.

To help you find the best adult card games for your family or social circle, we went shopping for 10 of the best buys. Our recommendations have enough popularity to prove they're worth your time but aren't so outdated that your guests will snore when you bring them out.

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1. CoolCats & AssHats - Link

Top 10 Best Adult Card Games for Parties, Fun, and Drinking!
Top 10 Best Adult Card Games for Parties, Fun, and Drinking!

On the top of our list of best adult card games is a drinking card game that will encourage competition and backstabbing with the goal of naming one CoolCat and one AssHat at the end of each round. You can play as many rounds as you want, making this the perfect party game for grownups. The alcoholic beverage is optional but may make the action a bit more entertaining.

You could classify this as a slight BDSM card game because the dealer is referred to as the Master. The cards are sexually suggestive with terms like "Thin Mints," and "condoms." Even if you remove the paw print cards, the content is clearly adult oriented.

How to Play CoolCats & AssHats:

  1. A designated Master draws multiple subject cards and places them face up where all players can see. These cards have random subjects like "three fingers" or "getting tickled" with hand symbols.
  2. Each player guesses whether the Master likes or dislikes each of the subject cards presented. Scorecards are included in the box, or players may use their cellphones or blank paper provided by the host.
  3. The player with the most correct guesses draws a CoolCat card and performs a special action as the round's winner.
  4. The player with the fewest correct guesses draws an AssHat card and performs a punishment as the round's loser.

Where to Buy: Amazon

2. That's What She Said - Link

Top 10 Best Adult Card Games for Parties, Fun, and Drinking!
Top 10 Best Adult Card Games for Parties, Fun, and Drinking!

This adult card game was designed for four or more players aged 17 and up. It can take up to an hour to play. The cards were designed to have a slightly naughty spin, but clean minds could also turn most of them into something innocent. The level of nasty depends on your mindset, but the laughter is a guarantee for all. Welcome to the card game of adult innuendos.

That's What She Said is often recommended as card game for bachelorette parties, but you can use it for any adult celebration that needs a touch of fun. You need nothing more than the cards that come in the box, and there are more than 450 cards included. There are two expansion packs available if you want to get that card count even higher.

How to Play That's What She Said:

  1. Place the white phrase cards and the red setup cards face down in separate piles in the center of the play area.
  2. Designate one player as the Judge. The official directions recommend assigning the kinkiest player that role.
  3. All players select five white phrase cards to create their hand.
  4. The Judge selects one red setup card and reads the prompt out loud.
  5. All other players select one of their white phrase cards that provide the funniest or most appropriate response to the prompt. Each player hands that card to the Judge.
  6. The Judge shuffles the white card submissions and reads them all out loud before selecting the funniest. The player who submitted the winning card is the winner and gets a point. Points are counted as players collect the red prompt cards as tokens.
  7. The player holding the most red prompt cards at the end of the game is the winner.

Where to Buy: Amazon

3. Adult Loaded Questions - Link

Top 10 Best Adult Card Games for Parties, Fun, and Drinking!
Top 10 Best Adult Card Games for Parties, Fun, and Drinking!

If heavy sexual content and personal competition aren't right for your crowd, consider this adult card game designed to stimulate conversations with a bit more substance. You won't lose the fun and you'll get some laughter in the mix, but the cards are printed with thought-provoking prompts that encourage players to get to know one another.

This card game was designed for four to six players aged 17 and up. It's perfect for small gatherings or large events that break into smaller groups. While the cards are clearly adult oriented and some could go in the naughty direction, they also require players to share something of value about themselves. It's a great ice breaker for get togethers and events that aren't too conservative.

How to Play Adult Loaded Questions:

  1. The first player flicks a spinner and selects a prompt card from the deck. They read that card out loud.
  2. All players write a personal answer to the prompt and hand it to the player sitting to the right of the first player. Pads of paper are included in the game, but you can also use blank paper found around the house.
  3. The player to the right of the first player reads all of the answers and selects one as the winner. The winner collects a VIP card.
  4. The player to the right tries to match the answers to the other players. They earn a VIP card for matching at least one answer to its owner.
  5. The first player to collect eight VIP cards wins the game.

Where to Buy: Amazon

4. These Cards Will Get You Drunk - Link

Top 10 Best Adult Card Games for Parties, Fun, and Drinking!
Top 10 Best Adult Card Games for Parties, Fun, and Drinking!

Are you looking for the best drinking card games for adults? Look no further than this game, which makes the goal of the game loud and clear. The obstacle is to turn your straight-line walk into a stagger as quickly as possible. The instructions are incredibly simple because we all know how difficult it is to follow complicated game rules when you've had one too many.

How to Play These Cards Will Get You Drunk:

  1. The first player draws a card and reads it out loud.
  2. The first player follows through with the action detailed on the card, possibly pulling other players into the action. Every action includes someone drinking.
  3. The next player draws a card, and the intoxication continues.

Where to Buy: Amazon

5. Hot Seat - Link

Top 10 Best Adult Card Games for Parties, Fun, and Drinking!
Top 10 Best Adult Card Games for Parties, Fun, and Drinking!

Put your friends in the Hot Seat to see what they've been hiding. What stories are they dying not to share? Are there embarrassing moments that you just can't let them forget? This adult card game gives you the opportunity to dig deep into the psyche of your friends. This is your opportunity to see what those who know you best really think of you.

The Hot Seat party card game was designed for at least four players, and most of the content is adult in nature. This isn't a game that depends on keeping score or pronouncing a winner. You can play for as long as you want, so make it quick and dirty or make it last all night.

This isn't the game for the overly sensitive, the petty or the vindictive. It's best played in a group of well-trusted friends who have at least some memorable experiences together. The deeper the relationships, the better the results.

How to Play Hot Seat:

  1. Place one player in the Hot Seat.
  2. The Hot Seat player draws three cards and selects one card to read out loud to the group. Each card asks a question for other players to answer from the Hot Seat player's perspective.
  3. All players, including the one in the Hot Seat, answer the question from the Hot Seat player's perspective.
  4. Someone reads the answers out loud, and the group tries to guess which answer was written by the Hot Seat player.

Where to Buy: Amazon

6. Pick Your Poison - Link

Top 10 Best Adult Card Games for Parties, Fun, and Drinking!
Top 10 Best Adult Card Games for Parties, Fun, and Drinking!

Would you rather put hot sauce in your eyes or scabs in your food? Pick Your Poison is the card game version of a fun prompt that many teenagers and young adults use to have a good time: "Would you rather…."

The concept of this adult card game is simple, and the NSFW Edition was created just for adults. You can combine the cards with the original version of the game for even more hours of fun and a lot more variety.

How to Play Pick Your Poison:

  1. Designate one player as the first Judge.
  2. Place the stack of poison cards in the center of the table face down.
  3. The Judge picks two poison cards and reads them out loud after say, "Would you rather."
  4. Players may ask questions to clarify the options on the two poison cards. The Judge should use their own creativity to answer the questions and elaborate on the options.
  5. Each player chooses an A or B card to select one of the poison card options.
  6. The Judge tallies the A and B cards to determine the "right" answer, which is based on the most popular option.

Where to Buy: Amazon

7. Twisted Vulgarities - Link

Top 10 Best Adult Card Games for Parties, Fun, and Drinking!
Top 10 Best Adult Card Games for Parties, Fun, and Drinking!

Don't take the name of this game lightly. It's easily one of the crudest adult card games available today. It comes with 225 prompt cards and 100 Task to Pass cards, which is more than enough for an hour or more of hilarious play. It's designed for at least three players and can accommodate about 15 players maximum.

Twisted Vulgarities makes an excellent adult party card game. Use it for a bachelor or bachelorette party or save it for your closest friends. Just keep in mind that some players may find some of the content sensitive or inappropriate. Choose your audience wisely.

How to Play Twisted Vulgarities:

  1. Stack the prompt playing cards in the center of the table face down and the Task to Pass cards with the "forehead" text facing up.
  2. Each player draws Task to Pass cards to use during game play.
  3. The first player starts the timer and draws one prompt playing card, sticking it on their forehead to display a keyword that only the other players can see.
  4. The other players say and do whatever they can to help the first player guess the keyword on their forehead. Task to Pass cards are used to help the first player if they get stuck.
  5. When the first player figures out the keyword, they pull the card from their forehead and read the keyword in a funny sentence.
  6. The first player draws another card and continues trying to guess keywords until their time runs out. When time is up, the timer is passed to the next player for another round.

Where to Buy: Amazon

8. Oh Fruck! - Link

Top 10 Best Adult Card Games for Parties, Fun, and Drinking!
Top 10 Best Adult Card Games for Parties, Fun, and Drinking!

If you could turn solitaire into a group game and create special rules that change with every hand, you would have something like Oh Fruck! This adult card game is different from most others on the market because it's the closest thing to a classic card game. Each player is on a mission to get rid of all their cards first. The traditional suits and ranks are represented, and no one has to reveal their most embarrassing secrets or read raunchy prompt cards.

One deck of cards will accommodate up to six players. If you want to play with a larger group, purchase the double pack that includes two decks and accommodates up to 12 players.

How to Play Oh Fruck!:

  1. Deal eight black cards to each player and set the remaining stack face down in the center of the table.
  2. Place the deck of red cards in the center of the table and turn over the top three cards. These are the special rules cards, and there are three special rules for each round.
  3. Turn one black card over at a time. Players move around the circle, taking turns discarding any cards that match the suit or rank of the black card displayed. Players unable to discard at least one card must draw a new card, increasing their hand.
  4. All players must follow the special rules or get frucked, which means they have to draw a new card.
  5. The first player to discard their entire hand wins the game.

Where to Buy: Amazon

9. Spotlight - Link

Top 10 Best Adult Card Games for Parties, Fun, and Drinking!
Top 10 Best Adult Card Games for Parties, Fun, and Drinking!

Spotlight is an adult drinking card game that combines truth or dare with sexual innuendos and kinky exploits. If you're not shy about putting your sexual experiences, fantasies and nightmares on display, pick up this party game designed for outgoing adults up for a good time. Don't forget the alcohol because you might need the liquid courage to get through some rounds.

This game is designed for two or more players over the age of 18. Each game can take up to an hour to play out, and the rules are easy to remember and follow. This is probably one of the simplest drinking card games on the market today.

How to Play Spotlight:

  1. Players take turns selecting one card and answering the question presented out loud.
  2. When a player refuses to answer the question, they have the option of taking a shot or completing an embarrassing dare presented by the other players.

Where to Buy: Amazon

10. Movie Quotes Drinking Game - Link

Top 10 Best Adult Card Games for Parties, Fun, and Drinking!
Top 10 Best Adult Card Games for Parties, Fun, and Drinking!

Do you have any movie pros in your social circle? If so, this is the drinking card game that will keep them occupied for an hour or longer. It comes in a lightweight, portable box that you can take anywhere. Pull it out on a road trip. Pass a cold winter weekend indoors with someone special, or just use it to liven up dull parties as needed.

This is designated as a drinking card game, but you can leave out the booze if it doesn't fit your social crowd. You may even include some of your younger friends because the content of this game is far less offensive or crude than many other adult card games.

How to Play the Movie Quotes Drinking Game:

  1. Determine the first player and order of play.
  2. The first player roles the dice and selects from the deck of 54 cards. Each card contains three quotes from one movie. The player recites one of the quotes out loud.
  3. The other players try to guess the movie the recited quote was from.
  4. The first player to guess correctly wins the round.
  5. Repeat until the deck is exhausted.

Where to Buy: Amazon

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