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FPS Gaming Mice: Best Gaming Mouse For Fortnite, PUBG, & COD Black Ops 4: Blackout


One of the most popular games across all age ranges, Fortnite has become an entertaining battle royale games for both children and adults alike. For those who are looking to maximize their gaming experience playing Fornite or another FPS, it is important to invest in a proper gaming mouse.

To help you make the right decision on which of the mice is the best choice for you, we’ll share some of our recommendations below. We’ll also give you some tips on what we think are the features that considerations you should be thinking about when shopping.

What To Look For

Some of the important features to consider when looking for a gaming mouse include the speed of the mouse, its accuracy, response time, and its customizability. You want to go with a model that is intended to work well in the fast-paced environment of a FPS video game.

In addition to thinking about various color schemes and styles, it is also a good idea to consider the various buttons that come with the mouse that could expedite gameplay.

Finally, people also need to remember not to overlook the ergonomics and the feel of the mouse.

With these different factors in mind, what are some of the top options for a FPS gaming mouse? What sets some options apart from others? We’ll give you our recommendations below.

1. The Logitech G502 HERO High-Performance Gaming Mouse

This mouse from Logitech is one of the top models on the market. This mouse comes with a high-performance HERO 16K sensor which is the most accurate sensor from Logitech yet.

It has up to 16,000 DPI (dot per inch), meaning that there is going to be incredible responsiveness, speed, and accuracy with this mouse. There is even an advanced optical sensor that improves the tracking accuracy of this Logitech mouse.

Logitech G502 HERO High Performance Gaming Mouse

Users do not have to worry about any lag or delay between using the mouse and the response on the screen.

Furthermore, the mouse also has 11 different buttons that can be customized to meet all of the needs of the advanced gamer. The mouse also comes with an onboard memory system so that users can save commands.

There are even a handful of ready-to-play profiles that come pre-installed in the mouse. There is even a mechanical switch button tensioning system in the mouse.

This system, combined with the pivot hinges, are installed in both the left and the right gaming mouse buttons. This provides a crisp feel when users click the buttons, ensuring that there is rapid feedback with a clean feel.

Next, this mouse also has five different weights that can be added or removed to meet the individual preferences of the user. By shifting the weights around, the user can adjust the balance of the mouse to meet their needs.

Of course, the mouse is also customizable with its colors. There are millions of colors to choose from thanks to the programmable RGB Lighting and the LIGHTSYNC Technology in this mouse from Logitech. Users are able to shift the colors of the mouse to meet their team’s colors or their own personal preferences.

2. Razer DeathAdder Elite Esports Mouse  

The serious gamers have likely also heard about the DeathAdder Elite mouse from Razer. One of the most accurate gaming mouses on the market, this device comes with a true 16,000 DPI (dot per inch) optical sensor that will provide extreme accuracy of over 99 percent with 450 inches per second.

Razer has even included an advanced optical sensor that improves the tracking abilities of their mouse. No longer will gamers have to wait for the video game to respond after clicking the button.

Razer DeathAdder Elite 16,000 DPI 5G Optical Sensor - Mechanical Mouse Switches (Up to 50 Million Clicks) - Ergonomic Form Factor Esports Performance Gaming Mouse

Better yet, this gaming mouse has even been designed to be compatible with the Xbox One.

Furthermore, this mouse is incredibly durable. There is a Razer mechanical switch inside of this mouse which has been proven to be durable to around 50 million clicks.

Users will not have to worry about this mouse having to be repaired or replaced for years.

Of course, this Razer mouse is incredibly comfortable. The body of the mouse has been designed in an ergonomic manner that will ensure individuals are comfortable while playing.

Those who have felt their fingers or hands tighten up while playing will welcome the feel of this mouse in the hand.

Finally, individuals who invest in this mouse are also able to customize their look to meet their needs. Because of the advanced Razer Chroma, there are more than 16 million different color options to choose from.

For those who love the details, gamers are even able to customize the scroll wheel on the mouse and even the Razer logo. Take a few minutes to shift the colors of the mouse to the preferred color pattern.

3.Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

Another fantastic gaming mouse from Logitech, this option provides some added features over its competitors. Most notably, this mouse has 20 different buttons that gamers are able to customize to meet their individual preferences.

There is a 12-button thumb panel which has been conveniently positioned for a quick, no-look gaming experience. This mouse also comes with specialized feet that reduce friction and eliminate drag to ensure a smoother gaming experience.

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse, RGB Backlit, 20 Programmable Buttons

The sensors in this mouse also provide improved cursor movements that result in improved accuracy.

As an added bonus, this mouse has a g-shift button underneath the ring finger. Combined with the other buttons on this mouse, this doubles the number of commands that users can deliver out of each button.

For those who struggle with click fatigue, this mouse has a nice, smooth, and ergonomic feel in the hand. The mouse has a sculpted shape and specially tuned buttons that help to reduce the click fatigue that people get during their marathon gaming sessions.

The mouse also provides G8 cycle modes.

Gamers will also like that this mouse has been designed to be compatible with multiple operating systems. Designed for the PC gamer, this mouse is also compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, and even Windows Vista.

Of course, this mouse also comes with a number of different personalization features including customizable colors. The thumb panel can have its colors altered to meet the user’s preference. Gamers are also able to customize the button assignments to meet their individual needs.

The mouse has the ability to store three different button-profile memory sets. The DPI levels in the mouse can also be altered to change the speed and response times of the mouse.

There is a gaming-grade laser present that can track up to 8,200 DPI.

4. Logitech G Pro Gaming FPS Mouse 

Another top-end mouse from Logitech, this gaming mouse is set apart from its competitors with its advanced game sensor.

The engineers have equipped this mouse with an advanced PMW3366 optical sensor for gaming that has provided the mouse for precise tracking accuracy regardless of how quickly someone plays. The targeting is precise down to the pixel and is equipped to handle high-speed maneuvers.

Logitech G Pro Gaming FPS Mouse with Advanced Gaming Sensor for Competitive Play

Furthermore, the mouse is lightweight, coming in at around three ounces. This means that users will be using a mouse that has been built for speed. Whether someone plays at 200 DPI or 12,000 DPI, this mouse can handle the job.

This mouse also comes equipped with a metal spring button tensioning system. This ensures that clicks are both consistent and reliable even at the highest echelons of gaming.

The system also reduces the force of the press that is required to produce a click, reducing hand and finger fatigue. The mouse also comes equipped with six different buttons that can be programmed to match the individual’s preferences.

This customizability will allow gamers to tailor the mouse to their most used commands. These buttons come with an onboard memory system ensures setup is a breeze.

Gamers can also store single-trigger custom commands which can be changed depending on the game being played.

In addition, the customizability doesn’t end with the buttons. Similar to other options from Logitech, the mouse comes equipped with more than 16 million RGB lighting options that allow the user to switch the colors to match their preferences.

This mouse also has the ability to synchronize with other gaming gear from Logitech, allowing the gamer to get a consistent response across all of their equipment. For a truly intense gaming experience, users can link up their mouse, keyboard, headset, and even speakers.

5. SteelSeries Rival 710 Gaming Mouse

This SteelSeries Rival 710 Gaming Mouse is one of the top options for those looking to intensify their gaming experience. This mouse comes with an optical sensor that was developed by PixArt and engineered for precision and accuracy.

The mouse displays exception 1 to 1 tracking abilities that will impress any gamer.

SteelSeries Rival 710 Gaming Mouse - 16,000 CPI TrueMove3 Optical Sensor - OLED Display - Tactile Alerts - RGB Lighting

In addition, this mouse comes with an OLED display that will provide the gamer with all of the information that they desire. This display will provide gamers with live statistics from their game, customizable button mapping, notifications from Discord, and even GIFs that have been personalized to their game.

Those who use Discord will be able to receive notifications from the app in real-time on the physical mouse. Any direct messages will vibrate the mouse. By looking on the OLED screen, users can see who the message is coming from. This takes game integration to a new area that gamers will want to maximize.

As alluded to above, this mouse takes customizability to a completely different level. Users are able to customize everything from the intensity of their vibration patterns to the buttons themselves and even the scope of the alerts that they receive.

Furthermore, the alerts come with an immersive, tactile design that sets this mouse apart from the others. This mouse also comes with a modular ID that allows the user to change the cable, swap the sensor, and maximize their personal performance.

Finally, this mouse is also durable. It comes with split-trigger switches that have been powerfully reinforced to withstand around 60 million clicks. The buttons also come with mechanical switches that will ensure precision and consistency across all clicks.

6. The SteelSeries Sensei 310 Gaming Mouse 

Another top choice from SteelSeries, their Sensei 310 gaming mouse features enhanced precision. It comes with a custom TrueMove3 which provides precise 1 to 1 tracking.

One of the features that sets this mouse apart is an ambidextrous design that all gamers will appreciate. Whether or not someone holds their mouse with a palm grip or a claw grip, this mouse can accommodate both.

SteelSeries Sensei 310 Gaming Mouse - 12,000 CPI TrueMove3 Optical Sensor - Ambidextrous Design - Split-Trigger Buttons - RGB Lighting

This flexibility makes the mouse uniquely suited to multiple gaming styles. Across a wide CPI range, the TrueMove 3 sensor comes with new jitter-reducing technology.

This provides users with a more natural mouse movement that will not slow down over time. This preserved response time is unique among gaming mouse options.

This mouse is also exceptionally durable. There is a split-trigger system that ensures that the left and right buttons both click with similar force.

The buttons are also reinforced and have been designed to withstand about 50 million clicks. This durability and consistency provide this mouse with exceptional value.

This mouse is also customizable with a two-zone and multi-color Prism RGB illumination system. Individuals are able to customize this mouse to their personal color preferences.

Users are also able to save both their performance and lighting preferences directly into the Sensei 310 mouse. The illumination will even respond to changes that occur during the game such as kills, ammo, and health changes.

Lastly, this mouse is also compatible across multiple operating systems including Linux, Windows, and Macintosh. Even though a USB port is required, this mouse has been designed to work on multiple gaming platforms. It runs on Windows 7 (or up) and Mac OS 10.8 (or up).

7. BenQ Zowie EC2-A E-Sports Ergonomic Optical Gaming Mouse

The BenQ Zowie EC2-A gaming mouse provides an added level of performance for serious gamers. This mouse has an ergonomic design that is meant for those who are right-handed.

This mouse has added room and wider wrist movements, allowing users to do more with this mouse. The mouse has a rounded shape that ensures the fingertips are able to hold and cover the mouse with ease.

BenQ Zowie EC2-A E-Sports Ergonomic Optical Gaming Mouse

This mouse also comes in two different sizes that allow the user to select the mouse that meets their needs.

Zowie also recently changed the coating on all of their gaming mouse options. After receiving feedback from users, Zowie decided to go with their most popular coating on all of their mouse lines.

The coating used on their FK and EC eVo CL lines will be used on all of their EC gaming mouse options from now on. Users should notice an improved feel on this mouse.

The mouse also comes equipped with the Avago 3310 sensor. This sensor has been engineered for enhanced precision and tracking speed.

This leads to reduced lag times and improved gaming experience. Furthermore, this mouse does not require any drivers to use.

Simply plug in the mouse and it is ready to go. With its low lift-off distance, gamers should find that this mouse is smoother than most of the other options on the market.

The mouse also has five different buttons that can be customized to meet the individual needs of the gamer. Equipped with a 16-step scroll wheel and DPI that goes up to 3200, gamers should enjoy improved customizability with this mouse.

The USB report rate can also be adjusted between 125, 250, and 500 Hz. The cable is over six feet in length so the user will never have to worry about running out of slack.

In Conclusion: Selecting the Right FPS Gaming Mouse

Ultimately, everyone is going to have different preferences when it comes to finding the right gaming mouse. Some of these options are more customizable and can remember more button sets and commands.

Other options find their strength in the speed and the response time of the mouse. Individuals need to consider their most common command sequences when playing Fortnite to find the mouse that is right for them.

Furthermore, speed, accuracy, and response time are extremely important when playing a fast-paced, real-time game such as Fortnite or PUBG. Do not hesitate to ask around, try out a few models, and then decide on the proper gaming mouse.

This is a big decision that should be made after weighing all of the various factors. Then, sit back and watch as the mouse revolutionizes the Fortnite gaming experience.

To help in your decision, the table below offers a quick glance at our favorite FPS gaming mice options for the money.

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