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DXRacer vs AKRacing Gaming Chair Comparison: Which Is Better?

akracing gaming chairs

With so many gaming chairs to choose from, it’s a good idea to carefully consider the features of each manufacturer’s model and how they may affect your gaming style. You will find some similarities between both budget and higher quality gaming chair models, but if you plan to spend hours winning at your favorite internet games, then you will want not only comfort, but ample back support to reduce fatigue.

If you’ve narrowed your choices between the DXRacer and AKRacing Gaming Chairs, consider that DXRacer is an American company that offers free shipping in this country. AKRacing is headquartered in Europe with retailers across the U.S. and customers may have to wait up to five days for an order to arrive – and the shipping comes with a fee and customs charges.

You can visit the DXRacer showroom in Michigan or Ontario, Canada, and AKRacing has a full-featured, North American website to discover all you need to know about their lines of gaming chairs.

Comparison of Styles Offered

Both gaming chair manufacturers feature an edgy style and vibrant colors that accentuate the black seat trim. DXRacer’s have a prominent appearance and are available in a range of six series:

  • Formula Series
  • Racing Series
  • Valkyrie Series
  • King Series
  • Sentinel Series
  • Tank Series

The six DXRacer series are ordered according to the series, which is basically the size. F, R, V, K, S, T and is equivalent to what many would consider garment sizes of S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL.

AKRacing gaming chairs are available in 3 series – Core Series, Masters Series, and Office Series (we’ll just neglect that last series, even though, before gaming chairs were specifically manufactured to meet the demand for ergonomic comfort while gaming – office chairs had to fit the bill with their hefty arm rests and high backs.)

Within each AKRacing series, you will find various size models or price/performance lines such as Max, Premium, and Pro. Both AKRacing and DXRacer gaming chairs are considered premium brands and each will offer great style and high quality products.

Comparing Design Features

If your height or weight are main considerations when choosing a gaming chair, DXRacer has a larger choice of seats to fit the big and tall or thin and short.  Their Tank series is designed to carry a person weighing 440 pounds.

DKRacer allows buyers to customize with different chair features, including the build, heights, colors, and fabric types.

AKRacing chairs will fit almost every stature with all their lines being able to carry at least 330 pounds. If you’re looking for a wider selection of standard styles, AKRacing certainly wins out with a larger range of colors within their style lines. But

  • ProX Series
  • Arctica Series
  • Premium Series
  • Player Series
  • Overture Series
  • Octane Series
  • Nitro Series
  • Prime Series
  • K7 Series
  • Onyx Series

If you prefer a fabric covered chair that reduces sweating while gaming in summer months, then go with a DXRacer model that features a nylon fabric base and a strong mesh covering. Both AKRacing and DXRacers have a wide range of PU-leather chairs where you won’t have to worry about stains.

  • AKRacing Master Series – high-quality PU leather seat, adjustable lumbar support, headrest pillows, adjustable armrests that rotate to the sides and up & down, back & forth
  • DXRacer Formula Series – high backrest, adjustable lumbar and head/neck pillow, 360 degree swivel base, 3D adjustable armrests

Price Comparison

When comparing features and prices, remember not every model comes with all the features, for instance armrests. But, when it comes to affordability, AKRacing is the place to go for a more modestly priced gaming chair of good quality.

One way to determine the quality of a product is to look at the warranty supplied by the manufacturer.

  • DXRacer – Lifetime Warranty on Frame, 2 year warranty on parts
  • AKRacing – 10 year warranty on frame, 5 year warranty on parts

In the end, you will find that both companies offer different styles of chairs with similar price points.

While DXRacer is a bit cheaper with a base model priced at $239 – the most affordable AKRacing chair will cost about $300 and a heavy-duty chair can cost as much as $500.

Judging by Accessories

You can purchase an AKRacing gaming desk in blue, green, red, or white colors or a gaming foot rest to reduce back problems and provide increased comfort. DXRacer offers mousepad armrests, foot rests, and extra chair padding on their websites.

But as a side note, there are many 3rd party vendors that supply a variety of accessories made for the AKRacing and DKRacer gaming chairs, to make the gaming experience more comfortable, including:

  • Clip On Cup Holder
  • Ergonomic Footrest
  • Ergonomic Headrest
  • Stretch Slipcovers

Quality and Durability

When you consider how much you’re spending for a gaming chair and how much use and/or abuse it will take, then you should definitely consider the durability of the fabric and the quality of construction between the two manufacturers.

When it comes to AKRacing vs DXRacer quality, both chair manufacturers ranks in a similar position because they both build their chairs around a sturdy metal frame that is attached to a solid base.

Even the seat materials, both fabric covering or PU-leather seats are available from each.

Comfort Matters

Big and tall gamers will appreciate the additional comfort from the DXRacer Tank Series which has a higher seat to floor measurement and is built to hold persons over 400 pounds. They make models to fit the small and short, and those that are of average height and build.

For the best range of sizes for maximum comfort, consider a DXRacer.

AKRacing chairs will meet the needs of the bulk of the gaming population – that is, gamers of average height and weight. But, actually it is more about a person’s body build when it comes to selecting a comfortable gaming chair.

Your body build is the ratio between your upper body length and your legs. When you consider body build, AKRacing gaming chairs will accommodate even gamers that are above or below average in height because the chairs are built to meet a wider body build range.

When spending tens of hours either gaming or performing computer tasks, gaming chairs not only look sporty, they make it much more comfortable to sit for extend periods of time.

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