Foosball Table Maintenance and Care

by Mike Jones

Foosball is one of the most sought after gaming tables among people setting up home game rooms and it's without a doubt one of the classics. If you're lucky enough to own a foosball table, you should definitely do everything possible in order to maintain it properly so that it remains fully functional for years to come. With lots of value, these tables are important to care for which is why foosball table maintenance and care is of utmost importance. Here are a few tips to help you keep your foosball table in mint condition.

Foosball Table Maintenance and Care
Foosball Table Maintenance and Care

Avoid direct sun exposure

Even if you have an outdoor table, make sure that your foosball table is not in direct sunlight during any part of the day. The sun's rays can damage the table surface and the glue, which will short the table's lifespan.

Spray corners with canned air

You've probably seen, and maybe even used, one of those cans of compressed air that's often used for cleaning dirt and debris out of computer keyboards. Well, canned air is also useful for cleaning your foosball table. You know how dust can build up in the corners of the playing surface? Just spray the corners with a can of compressed air and it will clean the built up dust right out for you!

Wipe down the table

All you need is a clean cloth and a small amount of rubbing alcohol (70-80%) and you can wipe down the entire table from top to bottom. For the regular player, this should be done weekly. But if you only play occasionally, then a monthly cleaning schedule should be enough to keep it free of dust and debris.

Clean the foosballs

If the balls are showing black spots or other dirt, then you can use a clean cloth and a bit of rubbing alcohol to clean them right up. Or, you can wash them in your home washing machine, if you're careful about it. Just put them in a washing machine with ½ the normal measure of detergent - we suggest putting them in an old white sock to do this. Then, air dry them on a counter top, and they are ready to be reused. Just never put them in your clothes dryer!

Don't allow food or drinks

If you really want to extend the lift of your foosball table, then you need to keep all food and drinks away from it. The last thing you need is a spilled drink or crumbs from a snack on the surface of the table.

In the event that a food or drink does end up on the table, you need to clean it up immediately before it causes any damage to the table.

Lubricate the rods

Keeping the rods smooth and easy to move is of utmost importance. This is the primary tool used while playing with a foosball table which makes it the most important aspect to care for. Lubricating the rods is far from difficult and it takes very little of your time. Purchase a spray bottle of silicone and spray the rods roughly once per month or as soon you notice that they become a rough to move. If you have visible bearings, lubricate the bearings as well. Doing so will ensure that your rods will always glide with ease.

Here's how to properly lubricate the rods on your foosball table: After wiping the rods with a dry rag, lubricate by pulling the goalie rod all the way to you by the handle. Place one drop of silicone on top of the rod just outside the table (a little goes a long way - avoid over-lubrication). Spin the rod outside the table first and then in and out to coat the rod with silicone. Push the rod all the way in, lean across the table and place one drop on the other end just outside the table. Then spin in and out. Repeat this procedure on the other 3 rods on your side, then move to the other side and repeat. The 2 man rods may require 2 drops of silicone. Use a soft cloth to gently remove any excess droplets from both ends of each rod.

Glue broken parts

Since foosball tables often experience a lot of wear and tear, pieces and parts are prone to chip or get broken. If you notice that a part breaks off, use commercial superglue immediately to glue the part back on. If you wait too long, the part may not fit as perfectly and playing with broken parts will most likely damage the foosball table even more. If you can afford more money towards your foosball table maintenance and care, purchase new parts and replace them entirely.

Keep the table level

When you first set up your table, you will level it but over time it can get off a bit. This is something normal that happens with frequent game play, especially if you are a rough player. You can check if the table needs leveled by simply dropping a ball on the playing field and watching which way it rolls.

Follow the manufacturer's directions for your specific table to level it properly.

Keep your table indoors

Some people enjoy bringing their foosball table out onto their deck during the summer season. This should be avoided at all costs because the wind and rain can really damage the table rapidly. It's important to keep the table indoors at all times in order to avoid it from aging prematurely. If you absolutely want to bring your table outside, remember to bring it back inside as soon as you're done playing with it.

Buy specialized cleaning products

Many companies sell specialized foosball table maintenance and care products. You should always use professional foosball maintenance products for cleaning your entire table. These products often come in the form of a spray and wipes. Using these products will ensure that your table remains in perfect condition for much longer.

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