Why You Should be a Patient Gamer

by Mike Jones

They say that patience is a virtue, and that couldn't be more true, especially when talking about video games. And no, I'm not talking about camping when you're playing as a sniper in a first person shooter. What I mean is being patient and waiting before you run out and by the newest video game. Sure there are times where you can't contain your hype level and want to join the masses, like when a new online multiplayer game comes out. The player base is usually a lot larger when a game is first released and then begins to taper off over time, so jumping in at the start is usually beneficial. But there are so many other advantages to waiting it out. Let's run down some of the reasons why it pays to be a patient gamer!

Let's Get Thrifty

Let's Get Thrifty
Let's Get Thrifty

Gaming can be an expensive hobby. After buying the console, controllers and accessories, your wallet can start to feel the hurt. But by simply waiting a few months after a game has been released, you will start to see the savings roll in. This is one of the biggest draws to waiting on a game, even if you're dying to play it. Stay strong and persevere because saving some cash is worth it. I was super stoked to play Metal Gear Solid 5 when it came out, but by waiting no more than 4 months after it was released, I was able to pick it up for about a third of the price. You can't beat that! And you know what? The game played exactly the same as if I paid full price! What a shocker!

Is it Actually a Good Game?

Preorders are something that confuse the hell out of me. You don't know how this game is going to play or if you'll even like it, and you're already plunking down cash for a game that will definitely have enough stock even if you do want it on day one. Wait it out and read some reviews from a reviewer you trust, watch some gameplay footage, play some demos, borrow it from a friend, then decide if you want it or not. Again, games aren't cheap, so it's especially frustrating when you spend your hard earned dollars on something you don't like.

Work Out the Kinks

It's become more widespread in recent years that we see more and more developers release a game that isn't exactly finished. Frame rate issues, bugs, random crashes, and glitches have become something we expect to see in a new game and it's really sad (but that's a topic for another day). It's better to wait these things out and buy the game the way it was meant to be played once it has been patched so we can avoid the annoyances. This doesn't just apply to software, but to hardware as well. And there is no greater example than the Xbox 360. So many red rings over the years, but once the updated model came out, no problems what so ever. Being a patient gamer can save you from a ton of headaches.

Game of the Year Editions!

Not only will you avoid potential broken games, but your patience will be rewarded with the best editions of the game! There are so many games now that have day 1 DLC and most will have some down the line. Paying for all that can get pretty expensive and a 60 dollar game can start to become even more costly. Whether you hate or love DLC, there will inevitably be a version of the game with all of it packed in for no extra charge. Just by waiting a bit, you now have the ultimate edition of the game in your hands and it's typically cheaper than when the regular edition came out!

If that didn't persuade you to be a patient gamer, well, that's ok because the world needs some early adopters too. You're the ones who take the risk and let us cheap skates try out your copies, so thanks! And if you have started to teeter to the patient side, welcome and enjoy the benefits that come with it! Let me know a time when your patience has paid off in the comments below!

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As a child of the 80's, my fondest gaming memories are playing Pitfall, Frogger, Kaboom! and Chopper Command on our old Atari 8600. These days I've been rocking the Nintendo Classic and learning some new card and board games with the family."

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