Combo Sets: Best Table Tennis Paddle And Ball Sets

Need some new gear for your ping pong table? Instead of buying your paddles and balls separately, you can shop for a combo package that includes your table tennis rackets with some ping pong balls.

While you don’t always get the best quality products in combo deals, we’ve managed to find some good options for you out there. Check out our recommendations and reviews below.

1. Kettler Advantage Indoor Table Tennis Bundle: 4 Player Set (4 Rackets/Paddles and 8 Balls)

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This set right here is our editor’s pick because you get great quality, enough equipment for four people, and it’s all at a great low price. Plus, all of this comes in a zippered nylon carrying case, which makes it easy to transport and store.

The paddles offer good speed and power, thanks to thick 1.5mm sponge sits between the rubber and the paddle, providing perfect control for beginners.

And the balls are 1-star rated, which is ideal for both casual and competitive play, offering consistent bounce and excellent spin.

2. Killerspin JETSET 2 – Table Tennis Set with 2 Ping Pong Paddles and 3 Ping Pong Balls

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Killerspin is one of our favorite brands when it comes to quality ping pong racquets and we like the JETSET premium paddles that are included with these quality table tennis balls.

If you’re comparing this set to buying the items individually, these rackets are the Jet200 paddles.

One thing to note is that you do not get paddle covers with this set

Based on regular usage of an hour or two a week, we expect the paddles in this set to last you for around 12 months before you notice any performance issues.

3. Clinch Star Ping Pong Professional Racket Paddle Set, 3 Star Balls and Organizing Carry Case

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If you want a set that comes with a carrying case, but don’t want a set for four people like with the Kettler set above, then consider this one from Clinch Star.

It’s not made by a major brand in the industry, but for the budget-minded player this is still a decent option.

In this set you get two high quality table tennis rackets with one yellow and one white 3-star ping pong ball and a carry organizing case.

The organizing case has a net inside to hold each of the ping-pong rackets and balls, and easily attaches to the table with the specified loops that hang from the top of the case.

4. STIGA Flow Outdoor 2-Player Table Tennis Set

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If you’re doing your ping pong playing on an outdoor table, then it only makes sense to use rackets and balls that are optimized for those outdoor conditions. And this set is the perfect solution for outdoor players.

Our editors love the STIGA brand and the quality that comes with these paddles, though we do wish that a case was included.

  • Weather and Shock Resistant Rackets for Both Indoor and Outdoor Play
  • Outdoor Balls are Water Resistant and Minimize Wind Resistance
  • Rackets and Balls are Made of Durable Materials for Longevity
  • Racket Performance Ratings: Speed- 45, Spin- 45, Control- 90

We saw a lot of improvement in our playing when we switched to this set, especially with spins seeing a major improvement. And, these seem to be ultra durable, even after being left out in the wind and rain they play just as good.

5. JOOLA Competition Table Tennis Tour Case with Two Python Rackets

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While this set probably won’t appeal to most recreational players, those of you who take this game seriously will really like this set.

Made by one of the top brands in the industry, this JOOLA set is designed with the serious table tennis player in mind. Just check out these specs:

  • Includes 18 JOOLA 3-star balls and 2 JOOLA Python Rackets
  • Includes high density EVA foam racket inserts for protection
  • Features large molded handle for convenient transportation
  • Thick case construction for maximum full coverage protection
  • Secure, easy-open double snap lock system

The case that comes with this set is really nice since it holds so many table tennis balls and the paddles. So much better than a zippered case.

The included 18 JOOLA 3-star balls are made for a consistent bounce, superior spin, long volley and extended ball play. The JOOLA Python Rackets feature an Ergo Grip, anatomic handle and JOOLA’s Control System Technology for limited vibrations (76 speed, 84 spin and 92 control).

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