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As you play games on your air hockey table at home, there’s a risk of losing some of your pucks – especially if you have children. But even if you don’t end up losing any of the pucks, some aggressive game play can result in some damage to the pucks. When they’re damaged, they don’t move as well on the table surface, which has a negative effect on your game play. So, if you end up with missing or damaged air hockey pucks, then you should get some replacement pucks for your table. But you can’t just buy the first replacements that you find! Let us help you find the perfect replacement pucks for your home air hockey table.

Editor Picks: Best Air Hockey Pucks (2018)

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Getting The Right Pucks

You need to be sure that you buy replacements that are similar to the originals that came with your table. This is important because the proper pucks move just right on the table surface, while the same is not true for those pucks that are the wrong size.

So, be sure that you’re only looking at pucks that are the same size/shape as the originals. Now that you’ve narrowed down your choices, the next thing that you need to pay attention to is the weight.

Cool fact: The USAA official regulation tournaments use 3.25 inch pucks.

You don’t want pucks that are too heavy or too light. Why? If they are too heavy, then they will not move easily on the table surface. And if they are too light, they will basically fly across the table since they will be too high up from the table’s surface.

Another thing to consider is the quality of the puck. Those that are of lower quality will often get scratched during game play, with negatively affects your game play.

Tip: You should clean the pucks regularly to extend their life span.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can use pucks that are odd shaped, like the triangle ones that are available for sale, to give your games a bit more of a challenge. Though we don’t advise that you regularly play with non-regulation shaped pucks.

Valley-Dynamo 2-1/2″ Dynamo Green Air Hockey Puck Set of 2 Review

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While the bright neon green color of these pucks might not be your ideal candidate for replacing those old pucks, our editors love these because they are such high quality. Plus, Valley-Dynamo is one of the best brands when it comes to table games of all types.

What you get here is just a set of two pucks that are 2-1/2″ in diameter. And each puck weighs in at 18.5 grams.

Playing with these pucks is a lot of fun. They seem to give a more solid hit from the pushers and it seems to be very hard to make them leave the table. So, if you’re an aggressive player who often causes the pucks to leave the table during game play, then these will be a welcome relief for you. And even if you do manage to make one of these fly off the table, the bright green color makes it very easy to find on the floor!

Super Z Outlet Home Air Hockey Red Replacement 2.5″ Pucks (4-Pack) Review

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If you prefer a cheaper four-pack of replacement pucks, then these red options are a decent choice for you. These measure in at 2.5 inches in diameter and weigh around 13 grams each. So, they are a bit more lightweight than the Valley-Dynamo model listed above.

While there is really nothing wrong with these, we do recommend that you just buy two packs of the Valley-Dynamo pucks above if you can afford to do so. Why? Because the quality and weight of the Valley Dynamo model is superior to these.

If you have worn out red air hockey discs that you want to replace, then these are a good option for you if you’re not interested in the fluorescent green ones above. These ones are around 6 mm thick and intended for use in small to medium sized home tables.

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