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MD Sports Air Hockey Table – Your Top Options

If you are looking for an air hockey table, an MD Sports Air Hockey Table is a great option. They make high quality tables and the top listed table below is actually recommended as our overall best air hockey table. Take a look at your MD Sports Air Hockey Tables below and hopefully we can help make your decision a bit easier!

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MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table - Titan

MD Sports Air Hockey Table

The MD Sports Titan air hockey table has plenty of features to keep the entire family entertained for hours. It makes a great addition to any game room, and it has a sleek appearance complete with LED lights along the guard rail for added style. The playing surface has a slippery finish that resists scratching and other types of damage. The guard rail surrounding the table keeps the puck and paddles well within their zones on this 90-inch by 48-inch air table.

Accessories and Structure

This table design supports even the most rigorous players. The low-friction table surface encourages hours of fun and entertainment. Included with the table is a complete accessory kit, so you have everything needed to start playing right away. This includes four pucks and four pushers that allow players to start enjoying air hockey after the assembly is completed. This process usually takes less than an hour. The air hockey table will last for many years after the initial assembly.

The structure of the table is solid and makes a great addition to any gaming room. The smooth, slippery surface of the air hockey table is connected by a well-balanced frame. The table itself is balanced by steel legs that arch for total support. There are leg levelers that provide additional stability, which allows aggressive players to enjoy their favorite gaming techniques.

Additional Features
Hockey pucks glide at a constant speed on the surface of the air hockey table, which is powered by a 110-volt motor. This provides a consistent rate of air flowing along the table surface. Stylish LED lights are built into the inside of the rails, which gives it a polished look.

The digital display features a timer that simulates the professional player’s experience, and it’s mounted over the top of the playing surface. Action sounds enhance the gaming experience with a variety of electronic audio cues and scoring effects. The table features a battery-powered score board and an automatic shut-off feature that shuts down the table after the game finishes.

MD Sports Air Powered Hockey Table - 2 Player Set

The MD Sports electronic hockey table provides an exciting experience for hockey players in any type of gaming situation. This is a great addition to a game room or a basement recreational room. The structure of this table is sturdy, and it usually assembles in less than an hour.

Enjoy the durable design with all the bells and whistles that come with the same rugged structure found in tournament tables. The slick surface allows pucks to glide smoothly without sticking or scratching. The quality materials ensure precision in the performance of each stroke. The high-gloss finish resists all forms of damage and provides many years of enjoyment.

Consider the benefits of these features:

• The playing surface provides 84 inches of smooth, consistent field for players to enjoy.
• The air cushion reduces friction on the surface and allows for players to enjoy pucks that glide evenly at the maximum velocity.
• The goal slots at the end of the rails are positioned according to tournament standards.
• The surrounding guard rails are highlighted by the LED lights, which simulate the playing experience in casinos or tournaments.

The overall structure is sturdy, and the legs are supported by five-inch leg levelers that allow players to enjoy the best playing experience possible on a level playing field. The height, leg circumference and surface dimensions of the table all contribute to creating the best playing conditions.

Enjoy additional features that enhance the playing experience. This includes sound effects and display lights positioned above the playing field, which simulates the real sense of playing in a Vegas casino or championship-level tournament game. This makes a perfect gift for relatives or a significant other during an anniversary or holiday. Treat your whole family to a high-quality hockey table that provides endless hours of fun while developing hand and eye coordination.

MD Sports Multi Game Combination Table Set

The MD Sports multi-game combination table set features some of the most popular games in a single convenient location. The table assembles easily, and it was designed to last for a long time. All of the accessories are easily stored, and there is no need to use any extra time or tools to change games. This can be a great addition to any family gathering or holiday. Keep your family or friends entertained for hours with this exciting combination gaming table from MD Sports.

The body of the table is constructed with durable materials that will provide years of entertainment. The leg levers provide the basis for stability and support even during rigorous gaming. Overall, this is an ideal addition for entertainment areas in any basement, living room or recreational room. The entire family can participate for fun, but there are additional benefits for children who are still developing hand to eye coordination skills.

Gaming for Years

Game enthusiasts will appreciate the ample surface as much as the sturdy construction. The 48-inch combination playing surface allows for the versatility that can allow freedom of movement. Friends and family will enjoy and appreciate the colorful and lively energy it adds to any environment. This is an all-in-one entertainment solution that offers the ability to quickly change between games without excessive fussing or the need for special tools.

Enjoy 12 different games in a single table:
• Chess and checkers
• Air hockey, knock hockey
• Shootout basketball, foosball
• Ping pong, archery and bag toss
• Chess, checkers, dice and backgammon

The all-in-one gaming table provides the maximum entertainment value for any recreational room or gaming area. This makes it a perfect gift for any special occasion. Provide a loved one with a variety of games to enjoy after achieving a milestone accomplishment, or simply give it on a birthday or holiday. This is an excellent choice for busy professionals who don’t have much time to enjoy some fun recreation time after a long day at work. The games adjust quickly without the need to spend extra time or energy changing between the various activities.

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