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DXRacer vs Maxnomic Gaming Chair Comparison: Which Is Better?

dxracer gaming chairs

The Maxnomic and DXRacer gaming chairs are two of the most popular chairs for gamers due to their quality construction and comfort. Maxnomic chairs are made in the USA by the NeedforSeat Company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. The factory with the main showroom for DXRacer are in Whitmore Lake, Michigan USA.

Be aware that searching online for “DXRacer” comes up with search results for factories in China. They are NOT the DXRacer company. They offer cheap, imitation DXRacer-style chairs that are inferior. Don’t be fooled by cheap Chinese imitations!

In this review, we compare the prices, styles, colors, construction, comfort, customization, accessories, and warranties of the authentic Maxnomic chairs versus the DXRacer chairs.


Chairs from both manufacturers are available for similar prices. The chairs from Maxnomic range from the low-end of $329 up to the top model at $589. DXRacer chairs are priced from $239 up to $599. The price of the chair depends on the model chosen and any customization done or accessories added. DXRacer has the cheapest entry-level model offered at $239.


The chairs from both manufacturers come only in high-back styles that have an elegant, contemporary design. There are nice models to choose from that are made by both of these companies. DXRacer offers more choices and color combinations than Maxnomic. Maxnomic makes an OSU style that has the logo and colors of the Ohio State University on it. DXRacer has more special editions.


Maxnomic chairs come in many distinctive colors for the different models, which include:

  • Dominator, Thunderbolt, and Leader models come in orange, red, blue, green, and black.
  • OSU models come in the color combinations of red/white and red/black.
  • Cloud9 models come in the color combination of blue/white.
  • Ergoceptor models come in the colors of slightly silver, bumblebee yellow, raspberry red, brilliant blue, and alien green.
  • A few other chairs come in black with trim in purple, gray, or white.

DXRacer chairs come in the colors of solid black and black with bright, colorful trim in the choice of red, blue, green, orange, yellow, white, gray, pink, and purple. These chairs have a nice design feature that the trim color matches the racing stripes on the legs of the base. Not all colors are available for all models.


There are many cheap knockoffs made of these high-quality chairs. It is easy to demonstrate the difference between high-quality chair construction and poor quality. Both the Maxnomic and DXRacer companies made a promotional video where they took one of their chairs and compared it to a no-name chair by cutting the chairs open. While the no-name chairs may look similar from the outside, when they are cut open the low-quality construction is easily revealed.

Both the Maxnomic and DXRacer chairs use solid thick memory foam for the seat and back cushions. The chair frames are steel. The back has strong support bands between the chair framing. In the poor quality no-name chairs, the foam is cheap scraps that are glued together. The back support is cheap plywood, which can break easily.


Maxnomic and DXRacer chairs both have an ergonomic design that is made for adults who sit for extended periods, such as gamers. To maximize comfort when using these chairs, it is important to order one in the correct size.

A chair that does not fit well will not be comfortable. This also means that people of different physical sizes will not be able to comfortably use a chair designed for a person of a different size. We find that DXRacer makes the best chairs for big guys and heavy guys.

Maxnomic Comfort

Maxnomic offers a sizing tool on its website that allows a person to enter their height and weight in order to select a properly-fitting chair type.

Maxnomic seat backs are very adjustable. They can recline from an upright position to lean back 49 degrees and lean forward seven degrees. The five-position seat tilt mechanism allows reclining to 67 degrees without any danger of falling over.

These chairs have all the features need to comfortably support the arms, neck, back, and spine. Armrests have four-way adjustments that allow them to be set for the most comfort. The headrest pillow is soft velour that is filled with hollow fiber. It is washable. The lumbar support cushion is also covered with soft velour material and filled with molded foam.

The base for Maxnomic chairs is made from aluminum that is durable, strong, and does not wobble. It has a nice scratch-resistant black gloss finish. The chair is held at the proper height by a Class 4 gas lift cylinder that can support up to 400 lbs. Chair height is adjustable for up to four inches up or down. The chair moves about easily on two-inch caster wheels that are coated with polyurethane. The casters can roll across any surface.

DXRacer Comfort

DXRacer chairs come in six sizes that range from small to triple extra-large. The backrest supports the pelvis up to the top of the spinal column. The tilt-down mechanism allows an angle adjustment of 130 degrees down from the straight up seat position. It can lock in place at any adjusted position.

The armrests are adjustable in eight ways. They have padding for extra comfort to help avoid wrist fatigue and shoulder pain. A headrest cushion and an adjustable lumbar pillow are included with every chair. Chair height is adjustable. The casters are affixed to a star-shaped base made of iron that is finished with glossy black paint and colorful racing stripes.


A popular customization for the Maxnomic chairs is adding an embroidered name and/or company logo to the high-back portion of the chair. It is very cool to have a chair with your name on it that is reserved exclusively for you. DXRacer chairs also offer this feature of having your name embroidered on the chair.


Accessories available for the Maxnomic chairs include extra headrest pillows, lumbar support cushions, and the unique SeatQuake vibrational system. The SeatQuake system works with the Maxnomic eSports seat. It uses an amplifier in combination with a unit that vibrates the chair. These sensations are triggered in response to the gaming activity and music. This creates a more immersive experience for the game player.

The Maxnomic SeatQuake add-on is a nice enhancement for shooting games, racing games, virtual reality (VR) games or simply for listening to music with enhanced bass response. SeatQuake is compatible with all popular computer systems and game controllers that have a sound card and analog audio outputs.

DXRacer has some unique accessories not found on the Maxnomic chairs such as a custom mouse pad that is able to be mounted on the arm of some models of DXRacer chairs.


Maxnomic chairs have a two-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects. DXRacer has a lifetime warranty on the steel frame that is inside the chair and a two-year warranty on other parts.

Risk-Free Trial

Maxnomic has a very liberal 30-day risk-free return policy. If the chair is returned in perfect condition, with all the original packaging intact, the company will accept it back, pay the return shipping costs, and not charge a restocking fee. This is very encouraging for those who want to make sure that they get a chair that fits them well and is comfortable to sit in. Customized chairs and accessories are not returnable under this policy.

DXRacer does not allow returns except for repairs that need to be made under warranty.


Maxnomic chairs and DXRacer chairs are very high-quality. DXRacer is more popular because it is a better-known brand due to the company’s sponsorship of many gaming events. DXRacer offers a few models that are lower-priced than the lowest priced Maxnomic models.

DXRacer offers up to a dozen or more chairs that are special editions. They have the logos of world gaming tournaments and sponsored contest events on them. There are also some unique color combinations for special edition chairs such as red, white, and blue.

The chair design and construction is very good for models from both of these companies. When compared to the no-name brands that are around $100 less in price, it is really easy to see in the videos the difference in quality. The cheaper no-name chairs have inferior foam padding materials and lack a strong internal support structure. Maxnomic chairs and DXRacer chairs have been copied extensively; however, the poor quality of the knock-offs makes them unappealing to the serious gamers.

Comfort is a matter of taste; however, all models of these chairs are extremely comfortable when they are used by a person who is the appropriate size that matches the chair’s configuration.

Maxnomic chairs have the SeatQuake option that is not available for DXRacer chairs. DXRacer offers a slightly better warranty that covers the steel frame for a lifetime while matching the two-year warranty offered by Maxnomic for the other parts.

The 30-day free trial offered by Maxnomic and the company’s offer to pay the return shipping costs shows how confident the company is that its customers will be fully satisfied with its products.

All-in-all it would be difficult to say whether Maxnomic or DXRacer is the clear winner when compared to each other because the differences are small. Both companies make an excellent gaming chair.

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